Bravo's Leadership Team

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Our leadership team is made up of experienced executives, dedicated to driving innovation in the pawn, firearms and retail industries.

Their passion inspires us on a daily basis and pushes us to strive for excellence, deliver results, and have fun doing it.

Tally Mack


5th-Generation Pawnbroker and eCommerce Enthusiast. Things I love: Peloton, Traveling, Philosophical Conversations, and Being Outside. 

Mountains > Beach, Coffee > Tea, Early Bird > Night Owl, Gemini, and Enneagram 3.

Kelly York


Chicago Cubs fanatic. Enjoy hiking, biking, and camping. Completed 5 Ultramarathons.

Mike Wishart


Been in the pawn industry since ’91. Passionate about new technology (but nostalgic about old school tech). Really into old cars, blacksmithing, woodworking and steam trains.

Chris Raps

Head of Global Sales

Engineer by education. Grew up in the family business which was a fishing resort on the Canadian Border in MN. Went to a K-12 single building school. Lived in Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. Appreciate global uncooked foods, opposite side of the road driving and screaming babies on 16 hour flights. Family of six are avid hunters, fishers and skiers.

Ryan Cable

Head of Onboarding and Customer Support

Diehard Vikings fan! Love to get lost in the mountains. Would rather eat candy for every meal rather than actual food.

Karol Frodsham

Head of Finance

Enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. Try to keep sane with yoga or meditation each day. Thrive in warm and sunny places... gray and snowy isn't for me.

Kristy Bauer

Head of Product

15 years in pawn & FFL industries. Not sure if Netflix is ruining or enriching my life. Organic farmer. Celebrity crush growing up: Scott from Girl Talk Date Line.

Kathleen Robbins

Head of Marketing

Used to sing in a 70's cover band. Lover of all things C.S. Lewis. Celebrated by birthday on the wrong day for nearly 9 years. Go to the movies just for the popcorn (extra butter).

Sherri Hughes

Head of Compliance

Married 41 wonderful years. Love dogs. Retirement goal is to own a catamaran and live on the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

Steve Mack

Founder and Chairman

4th-Generation Pawnbroker, accounting background, systems and innovation are my passion. I love traveling, skiing, and spending time with my three kids and granddaughter.